Rock-It Shift | Black Powder Coated

Rock-It Shift | Black Powder Coated

  • $250.00

The Rock-It Shift comes in three different finishes to showcase your bike and style.

  • Murdered Out Sano Black Powder Coated
  • Show Polished
  • "As Machined" or DIY

Powder coated shifters are media tumbled to remove machining marks and Sano black powder coated.  Each black or polished shifter is then individually inspected and assembled before shipping.

After the final QC and packaging , there may be very slight variances in the finish when you receive it. The "as machined" shifters are sent unassembled just as they come off the CNC machine. You can use them as is for a raw look or finish them yourself and save 10% on each one you buy.